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The Dating Guide of the Panther


When you think of the Panther, you think of a powerful and seductive animal. Am I correct in making that assertion?

Well hopefully that is how girls think of you when they think about you. Someone with a stealthy walk that has complete confidence and control of a situation.

If you want to become that person, you need to read the Panther Dating Guide. It will teach you everything you want to know about women, girls, chicks, and ladies.

See, something that most guys don’t realize is that ANY girl can be seduced by ANY guy. Don’t you guys remember the movie Hitch?

This actually reminds me of one friend of mine who used to say that all the time. And he believed that if he were ever to meet Shakira, he would be able to seduce her. The problem with Ian (that’s his name), is that he had trouble seducing the less than attractive girls at the local bar. So needless to say, I didn’t think he had much of a shot with Shakira. I did admire his positiveness though.

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Scrappy Coconut Water just isn’t the same.


I’ve got some exciting news for you! Is it that I’m about to go eat some sushi? No. Although that is certainly exciting; no denying that.

Ok let’s just get down to it: the Scrappy Coconut Dizzy Diary is the sexiest thing to come since sliced bread! As soon as I finish this thing I’m gonna go eat. Honestly, all I can think about is food. There is nothing else in my brain.

Speaking of food, do you like food? Food.

I’m reminded of a funny meme that goes like this:

If you want me to like you:

– Own a dog.

– Like dogs.

– Be friends with dogs.

– Play with dogs.

– Be a dog.

– Dog.

Ever notice that when you repeat a word over and over it starts to sound weird. Dog is one of those words. Although I suppose they all are.

I need a new timepiece. I’m pretty sick of the one that I have on now. I want a Cartier watch. The end.

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Online Photography Tips


If you want to become a photographer, here is my best piece of advice:

Take lots of pictures all the time and look at them! This is one of the easiest things to do to learn about the art of photography and yet so many people don’t do it. This simple act will teach you far more than anything else ever could about the art of photography.

You’ll start to notice all the little things that professional photographers do and that is what will eventually make you a great photographer. As anyone in any field will tell you, experience is the greatest teach of all.

Now I’m not saying that joining an digital photography school┬áis a bad idea, I’m just saying don’t start there. Once you’ve taken thousands of pictures and analyzed them and figured out why you like each of them and then gone and done it some more, THEN is when it is time to join online photography school.

At that point you can learn about lighting, DSLR cameras, exposure, aperture, and all the other things that make the study of photography fun and exciting.

And when you are ready to make a website for your photographs (and make some money from your work), be sure to visit

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