Online Photography Tips

If you want to become a photographer, here is my best piece of advice:

Take lots of pictures all the time and look at them! This is one of the easiest things to do to learn about the art of photography and yet so many people don’t do it. This simple act will teach you far more than anything else ever could about the art of photography.

You’ll start to notice all the little things that professional photographers do and that is what will eventually make you a great photographer. As anyone in any field will tell you, experience is the greatest teach of all.

Now I’m not saying that joining an digital photography school is a bad idea, I’m just saying don’t start there. Once you’ve taken thousands of pictures and analyzed them and figured out why you like each of them and then gone and done it some more, THEN is when it is time to join online photography school.

At that point you can learn about lighting, DSLR cameras, exposure, aperture, and all the other things that make the study of photography fun and exciting.

And when you are ready to make a website for your photographs (and make some money from your work), be sure to visit

How to Make $800,000 in Passive Income per Year Online

The iPhone app business is one of the most exciting types of passive income businesses you can get into, mostly because the returns can be HUGE:

make money online school

Learn how these guys built an $800,000 / year passive income business developing iPhone apps…without any programming experience at all! This is the most comprehensive guide to developing iPhone Applications I’ve ever come across.

The iPhone app I am working on is still in development, but I will absolutely be sharing my experience with it in this newsletter once I release it! You can read the book that teaches you how to make money online while you wait for it.

In the meantime, if you want to try your hand out at this business, check out:

How to Make Easy Money with what You’ve Learned so Far

Learning how to make a website and some basic Internet Marketing takes some time to learn and some time to master, but it really isn’t hard.

The simple truth is, however, that it is something most people don’t know how to do. Others simply don’t have the time or patience to learn.

HOWEVER, just about any small business could benefit greatly from from a website and / or intelligent Internet Marketing.

Offering those services is an easy way to make yourself some extra money!

You can go out and offer your services to local businesses. A lot of small businesses still don’t have a website (unbelievable right??), so you can make one for them. You can offer to set up their social media profiles and get a newsletter set up for them. With what you’ve learned on my website, you can offer them all kinds of services related to their web presence, and they will be happy to pay you as long as they see the results.

Not only that, but because most business owners have no idea how any of this stuff works, you can charge them a monthly maintenance fee, even though most of these things run themselves on auto-pilot!

See what I mean when I say learning these things opens up so many doors? If you do this for five businesses and charge them $200 per month for maintenance (which means occasionally updating their website), you’d be making $1,000 per month in passive income – not to mention the amount you charged for setting all that up in the first place.

Start thinking this way, and you’ll begin to notice opportunities for extra income open up around you all the time!

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