Music, Money, and Art

Scrappy Coconut Water just isn’t the same.


I’ve got some exciting news for you! Is it that I’m about to go eat some sushi? No. Although that is certainly exciting; no denying that.

Ok let’s just get down to it: the Scrappy Coconut Dizzy Diary is the sexiest thing to come since sliced bread! As soon as I finish this thing I’m gonna go eat. Honestly, all I can think about is food. There is nothing else in my brain.

Speaking of food, do you like food? Food.

I’m reminded of a funny meme that goes like this:

If you want me to like you:

– Own a dog.

– Like dogs.

– Be friends with dogs.

– Play with dogs.

– Be a dog.

– Dog.

Ever notice that when you repeat a word over and over it starts to sound weird. Dog is one of those words. Although I suppose they all are.

I need a new timepiece. I’m pretty sick of the one that I have on now. I want a Cartier watch. The end.

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